About Us

The idea for Recycling Rules! was born on a snowboarding trip to Aspen, Colorado back in 2007. Friends and I were disappointed to learn that our vacation rental property for the week didn’t provide for recycling. Being avid recyclers, we had to carry our bottles, cans, newspapers and other recyclables to nearby recycling containers. How many others would have made a similar effort?

Recycling Rules! is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing indoor recycling capabilities (recycling bins, custom signs, services) to residential or commercial properties where no such capability exists, or where improvements can be made. It’s ideal for people and places where guests may be unfamiliar with the rules of recycling. Targeted properties include vacation rental properties, apartment complexes, condominiums, schools, churches and businesses. Even your neighbor’s place or for that friend of yours that just doesn’t bother with recycling are perfect candidates. We want to provide recycling any place you may happen to go.

If you think Recycling Rules! can help you, or if you know of someone or someplace that could benefit from our products and services, please visit our web store or contact us directly.  We’d love to help.

Our goal is simple — to increase the amount of waste that makes it into the recycling stream!  Our motto:  “Saving the world, one bin at a time!

Thomas J. Jung (Tom)

Executive Director
Recycling Rules!

Recycling Rules, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.  Federal EIN: 27-3812989